“Night of Terror” Podcast Series

What do you really know about the Night of Terror?

Leading up to the anniversary of the 1917 Night of Terror on November 14-15, please take time to listen to these excellent podcasts prepared by our campaign partner, Suffrage Wagon News Channel. We will be sharing these podcasts individually on our social media sites over the next week, but links to the complete series are available here:  Podcast #1, Podcast #2, Podcast #3, Podcast #4, Podcast #5, Podcast #6, Podcast #7, Podcast #8.*

Many people do not know about the 1917 Night of Terror, and it is not often discussed in history classes. TPSM wants to change this! We want to educate Americans about the history of the suffrage movement — especially young women. Please share these podcasts; share our social media posts… Women — and really, all Americans — deserve to know our history!

*Production of podcasts by Suffrage Wagon News Channel, from Doris Stevens’ “Jailed for Freedom,” 1920. Audio by Librivox. Reading by Kate West.

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November 6, 2014 · 9:54 AM

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